A day trip or weekend in Newport, RI

Newport, RI is easily one of my favorite places to go in New England.  It is perfect for a romantic getaway or a girls weekend and whether you have a day or a full weekend, you can easily find something to fill the time. 


While Newport can easily be a weekend trip, the area is expensive.  If you’re looking to have a budget friendly trip to Newport, I recommend going during the off season or making it a day trip.   

  • Club Wyndham on Long Wharf ($559 summer, $399 shoulder season, $159 off season)
  • Gilded ($269 summer, $233 shoulder season, $170 off season)

Itinerary: $176 (for 2) + Dinner and Shopping

You can enjoy the best of Newport in a good solid day, or you can make the trip more leisurely and spread it out over multiple days.  Either way, my favorite things are outlined below.

  • Visit The Breakers Vanderbilt Mansion ($26)
    • You can also add on additional mansions for a discounted price.
  • Park at Easton Beach and Walk the Cliff Walk
    • 3.5 mile stroll overlooking the ocean and several beautiful ocean front properties
  • Relax at Easton Beach ($25 out of state)
  • Head to Bowens Wharf for shopping and dinner.  A few restaurants that I’d recommend with decent food and great views.
    • Wharf Southern Kitchen and Whiskey
    • Giusto Newport
    • The Mooring Seafood Kitchen and Bar
  • Take a sunset sail around Narragansett Bay ($50)
    • This was one of my absolute favorite things that I have done in Newport.  It was worth every penny. 
    • Classic Cruises of Newport does a Champagne Sunset Sail (Madeleine) that is all that you can drink.  The captain and staff were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable so it was a perfect evening with a beautiful sunset and views. #ClassicCruises #Newportsunsetsail #Madeleine

If you’re there for the weekend, add a tasting at Newport Vineyard!

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